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Software development is all about people, from the team building the product to the users it's solving problems for. We work with this as our guiding principle, and are committed to furthering the development community.

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We work in the open and pin our colours to the mast. Software development is a conversation, and we're adept at framing discussions in an approachable and understandable manner. Life's too short to hide things.

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We strive to be egoless, favouring simplicity over code which will make us look smart. We seek to distill problems and solutions into their simplest forms, and constantly question complexity.

How we work

Short feedback loops

We keep feedback and control loops tight, so progress is transparent and shifting business priorities can be kept at the fore.


Everything we do seeks to provide value. We've been down those technical rabbit-holes and come out the other side, and continually question the value in everything we do.


Making the right compromises at the right time can make or break a project. We keep our eye on long-term objectives in every decision or suggestion we make.


We're big fans of pair-programming and the benefits it brings for software quality and morale, whether in-person or remotely. It's a great way to share knowledge and put a focus on engineering and architecture.

Mentoring / Coaching

Helping great teams develop professionally is often hard for startups and small businesses. Coaching links into everything we do. It helps your team grow technically and personally, bringing developers, managers and other stakeholders on the journey with us.


We all want robust systems; a good testing strategy increases velocity, agility, and developer happiness. We can help you get started with test-driven development, automated testing, and end-to-end testing.


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Slate Horse is a consultancy based in Sheffield. We help companies build amazing development teams and create effective technical strategies. We also love making things.

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